Bharathi - India

Bharathi was just 5 years old when she lost her mother. Although she can't really remember much about her mum, Bharathi's grandmother tells her that her mum was very beautiful and hardworking. The circumstances of her mother's death are extremely heartbreaking - driven to take her own life by the abuse and torture of her husband, Bharathi's father. After that time, Bharathi was mostly neglected and mistreated by her father, so her grandmother did her best to look after her by a small business of selling small plastic toys. Bharathi kept mostly to herself, quiet and shy. You can sometimes tell from her eyes and body language that she carries a lot of pain and trauma in her heart. Unfortunately Bharathi dropped out of school when she was in ninth grade. But then she came into contact with The Freedom Project.

Girls at one of our youth camps

Girls at one of our youth camps

She comments after being at one of the youth camps we run, 

"You people treated me with dignity, and with much respect. I have never been so loved. I took part in every game and activity, I have had so much fun these last three days. This is the first time in a while that I have not cried or remembered my bitter stories, I wish I could stay here for another two days." 

Bharathi experienced a taste of freedom and hope at the camp and it has had a huge impact on her life. Bharathi is now 16 and is determined to continue her studies. Once she finishes school she would like to find a job and look after her grandmother who is now quite old.

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