My internship with The Freedom Project


I completed an internship at The Freedom Project from August-December in 2018, and really enjoyed my time with them.

The internship was as a part of my Global Business degree at Macquarie University. I was required to gain experience working at an organisation that operates internationally. Working at The Freedom Project allowed me to be involved with their projects in India and South East Asia. I chose The Freedom Project for the internship because I wanted to use my time not only to learn and apply things I had learned at university, but also to help to make a difference in the lives of others overseas, and for those in troubled life situations.


Most of my time at The Freedom Project was spent managing and updating social media. I really enjoyed this, as a big part of it was centred around sharing relevant articles about human trafficking and modern slavery. Reading these news stories on a Monday morning before I shared them on social media was always a mix of confronting, motivating and interesting content. I learnt a lot about the devastating world of modern slavery, but I also could clearly see how the efforts of organisations such as The Freedom Project were really making a difference.

I learned a great deal about the nature of modern slavery and the effects that The Freedom Project’s partnerships and programs have on the people they serve. This meant I was really motivated in my work but was also motivated to give and to encourage others to give and support the programs of prevention and restoration. I signed up to join Coffee Money Mondays, the $5 a week giving initiative. The weekly $5 represents the cost to allow one young boy in India to be a part of The Freedom Project’s soccer and mentoring program. I would encourage everyone to sign up too! Although I don’t drink coffee, I think it’s still a sacrifice worth making. You can choose to give up your Monday Morning Coffee, or make it at home instead, and give the $5 you save to The Freedom Project. Your support will help transform the life of an at-risk child in India. I love how all the stories and testimonies I read in my time at The Freedom Project remind me that I can so easily contribute to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people who are victims or vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.


I would seriously recommend volunteering or interning with The Freedom Project if you can. I simply did one day a week, you can even do more if you have the time and the passion to help! I really enjoyed being in the office with the staff, who were friendly and helpful all the time. Whether you help out for just a few months, or want to commit to a year or more, it is a great way to not only grow personally, but really impact and transform the lives of so many overseas.

Sam completed a voluntary internship in Semester 2, 2018 as part of his university studies. He continues to be a supporter and advocate for The Freedom Project and the issues that we seek to address.

To find out more about volunteering or doing an internship with us, please get in touch by calling 0427 233 733 or emailing

Marissa Smithson