Help Restore a Trafficking Survivor like Rani this Christmas


All around the world Christmas is a time for family, friends, celebration, hope and joy. 

But for almost 8 million people trapped in modern slavery in India, Christmas is just another day of isolation and hopelessness. 

Can you imagine what you would celebrate at Christmas if you had been trafficked and sold to work in a brothel?


At just fifteen, Rani found herself in a conflict-ridden marriage where she also faced abuse by her in-laws. At one point they even forcefully terminated her pregnancy. After her husband failed to return from searching for work in the nearby city of Bangalore, she had no choice but to set out after him, by which time she was two months pregnant. 

When Rani arrived in the big city, she was overwhelmed and had no idea where to look for her husband. An auto-rickshaw driver tricked her into believing he could help and within an hour she was sold to a brothel owner… 

From that day on, she was brutally abused and raped several times a day. For a second time, she was also forced to terminate a pregnancy. She was moved from one brothel to another, constantly abused and never given a chance to escape. Rani didn’t want to live any more. Once again, she became pregnant. 


Unfortunately for many women in this situation the story ends here, leaving them in a vicious cycle of abuse. But for Rani, her story has a happy ending. She was rescued while she was still pregnant and was eventually brought to The Freedom Project’s safe house. Despite all she had endured, she was still only seventeen.

It is only through the incredible support of people like you that today Rani is happily living at our safe house with her healthy two-year-old son. She is just one of the 13 women at the safe house who has found life-changing restoration in 2018.

We are committed to continuing to provide a safe place for women like Rani to recuperate, overcome their trauma and find hope and joy in their lives again, never to be re-trafficked.  

It is essential to provide ongoing support for the women including loving community, safety, health care, counselling, education and vocational training. 

Rani recently began a tailoring training program – she is just one of the many women we help year after year. Our vision is to continue providing restoration for more women so they too can get back on their feet and live in freedom. 


Change is happening for hundreds each day in India because of your support! There may not be turkey or prawns on their dinner table, but there will be plenty of smiles and thankful hearts. Families have been reunited, children have been empowered and women have been restored.

This Christmas, would you consider donating the cost of 1 month ($100) or even 1 year ($1200) of support for a trafficking survivor like Rani*?