Articulating Passion & Motivation


Over the last 18 months of working at The Freedom Project, I have rediscovered a love of the pursuit of justice. Since I was a teenager, I have been passionate about social justice and global mission, hence my background in international development and pursuit of working for like-minded organisations.

I couldn’t have imagined the opportunity to be working for an organisation like The Freedom Project - so focused on living out their vision of making a difference to some of the world’s most oppressed. Being able to utilise my skills and experience for a greater purpose is so rewarding. Having the freedom to work and serve for a cause that I believe in and can contribute to is a huge blessing.

Although some parts of the job (just like any other) may be mundane or frustrating, the overall purpose and focus of the work is the biggest motivator! With every email sent, event planned, donation processed, or social media post scheduled, we are raising awareness and funds for our life-changing projects!



My passion is to see Australians, and particularly the church in Australia, engage with issues of global justice. Whether it’s through educating people on various issues, providing opportunities to serve, encouraging people to donate to life-changing projects, or just making choices in their day-to-day life that are aligned with their values. At The Freedom Project this is what we are seeking to do every day. We want to show people the seriousness of global modern slavery and convict them to make change in their own lives. We want people to partner with us long-term and see the impact they can have through financially supporting projects that invest in empowering women and young people to avoid exploitation. We want them to consider how to live ethically through the things that they use and purchase. We want them to be empowered to advocate in their own networks as well as to the powers-that-be, companies and government alike.

My passion extends beyond myself but is about influencing others and equipping them to take action. For me personally it is also important to continue to fanning into flame this passion by connecting with our beneficiaries and seeing the impact of our work. I also love to read books, news articles, and other resources to keep on top of what’s happening globally in relation to the fight against slavery. I also love to reflect on what the bible has to say about justice. For me, that is an important foundation for working in the international development sector. It’s also a great way to remember why I am passionate about this. Scriptures like Isaiah 58 verse 6:

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?”

Passages like Isaiah 58, Micah 6, Matthew 25, James 3 and countless Proverbs and Psalms help provide a sound theological framework for justice and generosity that align with a God who cares for the oppressed and a Lord who set an example of how to live that out.

So, now let me ask you - what’s your passion and how do you keep it fuelled?



As a very fortunate and educated individual, I recognise that I have the privilege of choosing where I work. I have the confidence that jobs in Australia will be safe and fair, which is a huge blessing. I also know that I have God-given potential to work and serve in a way that is bigger than myself. It’s about the bigger picture and being a part of making a difference in the world, not just working in a job that keeps me sane… So what is my motivation? It’s those that we serve; the cause of justice and God’s call to love others. It’s about living differently to the world and standing up for what I believe in. It’s about taking every opportunity to do what’s right and to stand up for the oppressed. It’s about finding in myself the things that matter in life - not money, career and getting ahead. But it’s about using what I have to work for a greater purpose.

Now as I head into a new season of life - as a new mum, I hope to hold onto that same motivation. Yes it might look quite different as I transition from working full-time for The Freedom Project to looking after a little human 24/7, but ultimately I still have the same goals and purpose. I hope to find new ways to live for justice and serve those near and far. Even if it’s just to instil the same sense of justice and mission I have in my daughter as she grows up… what a blessing and a privilege!

What’s your motivation and how can you contribute to a more just world?

This post was written by Marissa, Advocacy & Communications Director at The Freedom Project since 2017 and is currently on maternity leave.