Community Education


In India, where trafficking and exploitation of young girls and boys is a high risk, we are heavily investing in trying to reach as many children and youth as we can through community education through schools, colleges and other networks. The team covers topics such as the threat of trafficking and what factors make someone vulnerable; how to identity victims in the community from beggary, sex trafficking and forced labour; as well as a rights-based approach to what rights people are entitled to and what law enforcement can do for victims of slavery and trafficking. 


On one occasion recently, we held sessions in a local high school for 70 boys and 70 girls where we discussed the issues of trafficking: how it happens, what does it look like, how to avoid it, and how to protect others.  

One of the things that the students were particularly impacted by was the testimony of Swapna, a survivor of child beggary whom we have been working with. We screened a video of Swapna's story, as a survivor of child beggary, and the students we very inspired by her journey.

At the end of the program, many students approached the team and asked questions that ranged from how could they refer cases, as well as how could they become a part of NGOs and do social work.


This is why we do what we do - this is the change we want to see. To equip the next generation to say no to exploitation and not only demand justice, but also to be a part of the solution. These students possess the power to make a change through their choices and the work that they do in the future - to fight for a society that protects the vulnerable, rather than exploits it. 

We are so thankful for the positive relationships we have developed with the local community, from police to school leaders, we are all working together to make a difference! 

Thank you for your support in making that to happen!

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