Surrending MY freedom - An update from our Co-Founder Liz

I am nearly ready to surrender another freedom…

As some of you may know, I have been surrendering one of my ‘freedoms’ each month for the past eight months. You see, I’ve committed to a year long personal endeavour to try and identify in some small way with the enslaved who have lost ALL their freedoms. In fact, their freedoms have not been lost, but rather STOLEN from them. Basic human rights, not just personal indulgences – gone.

Each month, I have been giving up my own freedoms and over the last eight months I have committed to surrender my freedom to:

  • Drink whatever I want - so ONLY water

  • Eat my favourite food – chocolate

  • Indulge in my jigsaw puzzle addiction

  • Listen too, sing or play music

  • Engage with social media

  • Make myself feel better (and younger) with beauty products

  • Time (to specifically pray)

  • Celebrate my birthday

  • My indulgences (no personal, non-essential purchases)

All of these have been in one way or another and to varying degrees, difficult, eye-opening and challenging. Some easier than others, some a battle and others have left me feeling vulnerable and isolated. ALL of them have made me profoundly aware of the privilege I have to enjoy SO many freedoms. I’m also very aware of how attached I am to my freedoms – and how I take them for granted.

I have four months left in this little personal challenge of mine, and hopefully as I record them publicly on social media, I may bring some awareness to the devastating issue of modern day slavery. That’s the point really. Perhaps you may like to join me?

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Marissa Smithson