about us

the freedom project launched in 2010 by mike & liz after a strong conviction to fight injustice, with a focus on trafficking and slavery.

Liz experienced a deep, heartfelt burden in 2007 after learning about the horrific plight of trafficked children. She and a group of 3 other women wanted to do something practical and organised a fundraiser. However, the burden remained on Liz's heart, and she spent the next couple of years investigating and learning more. Liz and Mike then went to India and saw some of the challenges for themselves. Upon returning, Mike & Liz would not stand for the injustices they had seen. They made a commitment to start something and try to make a difference.

In 2010, Liz & Mike launched The Freedom Project. It began with one project in Thailand. Now The Freedom Project works in Thailand (including Myanmar), India and Philippines. Through this work, we run projects that are focused on Prevention, Rescue and Rehabilitation for individuals and communities that are involved in or vulnerable to human trafficking and modern slavery. The vision remains the same: to create a movement to fight injustice and let freedom ring! Read more about our work.

Mike and Liz have a strong mission and international aid background, have spent several years serving overseas. They love working with people and serving the vulnerable and oppressed. Their work is shaped by who they are, and they would love you to join them!


The Freedom Project's vision is to see a world without injustice and inequality, where every person can develop to their full potential, is safe and cared for, within communities that are thriving places of safety, trust and harmony.


The mission of The Freedom Project is to build safe communities that engaged, informed, empowered and equipped to transition out of poverty and be a voice for the voiceless. We do this primarily through preventing, rescuing and rehabilitating those trapped in the cycle of human trafficking and modern slavery.

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