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The freedom project exists to end child human trafficking and slavery

What is Human Trafficking? | Who is the Freedom Project?


What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the illegal movement and use of persons. It is a serious crime & violation to human rights. Sadly 45.8 million* people are  estimated to be trapped in modern slavery with 2 million being children.** It is thought that 55% of trafficking victims are women and children.

* Global Slavery Index 2016 // **UNICEF


What we do...

The Trauma of Trafficking...

Victims, no matter their age, experience great abuse both physically, emotionally and mentally. They are usually from a vulnerable situation to start with, possibly poor, isolated, child unsupervised, conflict areas, natural disasters or even previously abused. They are coerced by the promises of opportunity, love or money. With children many are either sold by people they know into trafficking or kidnapped. Once coerced & enslaved, oppression begins with stressful, unhygienic conditions & physical and mental abuse. Threats are made against themselves and often their families along with loss of identification. This creates a very real threat and extreme risk in seeking to escape. Often victims become despondent and in an effort to survive they conform to their captors demands. Sadly the rehabilitation process can be lengthy as victims seek to overcome the multi-layered trauma and the shame and fear they feel from the experience. 


What You Can Do

Take action by partnering with us in one of the following ways:

  • TALK - Raising awareness not only brings this multi-billion dollar industry into the light but it removes the misconception that many trafficked persons want to be in these 'jobs'. Talking also educates people and so hopefully decreases the demand! Yes even online pornography fuels trafficking of persons against their will!
  • EDUCATE - Know which retailers and brands responsibly source their products and don't engage with child or forced labour.
  • PARTICIPATE - We organise a number of events during the year and information nights. Express your interest here! to become a Freedom Friend & join the fight to end slavery.
  • DONATE - There are three ways to donate!
    • Online here!
    • Text within Australia to 0417 672 291. Type DONATE[$___] with the amount you wish to give.
    • Print a donation slip & mail it to The Freedom Project.