Hey there Freedom Fan! There is power behind collective action! Although the problems of trafficking and slavery are huge, together we can & will make an even bigger difference in the lives and communities of those we serve! We want to create a movement of people passionate about fighting global injustice. Every contribution, whether big or small, is like a drop in a lake of still water - resulting in a unending ripple effect...

Will you join us? 

We would love to hear from you today about how you can get involved as a:

Freedom Friend

Be kept informed on the issues of human trafficking and modern slavery & what The Freedom Project are doing.


  • Become a conscious consumer.

  • Advocate about the issues with your family, friends and community. We have some great resources for your church, school or other group. 

  • Request a speaker - Invite The Freedom Project to come and speak at your work, church, school or community group.
  • Volunteer with us at events or in our Sydney office.

FREEDOM Fundraiser

  • Run a 'Coffee Money Mondays' campaign at your work, church, school or community group.
  • Host an event during our annual Big Weekend of Freedom! Every year in May we have various events, big and small, around the country to raise money for The Freedom Project.
  • Commit to doing a challenge as part of Freecember and get your friends to sponsor you to raise funds for The Freedom Project.
  • Or do your own fundraising! You can be as creative as you want.

FREEDOM flyers

Express your interest to visit the field and see our life-changing work (subject to application and availability).
You can find out more about a Freedom Flyer trip from this blog and video on our last trip to India in October 2017.


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