India has the 4th largest number of trafficked persons in the world, with many trafficked from neighbouring cities, regions and even countries. We work in an area infamous for sex trafficking and child trafficking. Our team spends time running before and after school programs that focus on sports, mentoring and academic assistance. In conjunction with this, we also run regular sports camps where young boys from vulnerable backgrounds come together to play sport, learn and are encouraged to build a positive future for themselves. We also run safe homes for young women and young men, pre-school classes for young children, and offer other assistance to people in need.  

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A big focus of our work in the Philippines is prevention and rescue of child soldiers. We work in an high-conflict area where rebel groups are very active and always seeking to recruit more militants - which unfortunately often ends up being children. They may be coerced or tricked into it under the pretence of military training or conscription, but are often mistreated and not given the freedom to return home. We work collaboratively with locals, authorities and families to provide education for those vulnerable to these risks. We also invest in livelihood projects that provide viable alternatives for families who are poor and may be tempted by other offers of employment that may be exploitative.  



In Myanmar, our work focuses on child soldiers, being a very prevalent issue in the border region in which we work. We are investing in providing education across various communities that are vulnerable to children being trafficked into rebel armies. Part of our approach is also to negotiate with militants so we can provide opportunities for some child soldiers to be released into our schools. This provides them with education that they would otherwise miss out on, and reduces the risk of them returning to fight. Our education program is holistic - focusing on literacy and basic education standards, as well as trauma support, health and wellbeing, life skills, and vocational training. 


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