In Australia, community and education is key! We are building a freedom community by building awareness and empowering those who want to make a difference. We do this through social media, information and fundraising events, speaking at schools and community groups, and running exciting campaigns. We would love you to join us! Get involved by learning more, donatingadvocating on the issues and fundraising for The Freedom Project.


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The Freedom Project is involved in a range of events throughout the year. Some of these are to gather our supporters, share about the work, and raise funds.  These events are a great chance for you to come along and meet the team, hear about our work and invite your friends so they too can be inspired to take a stand for justice. To stay up to date with upcoming events, so you don't miss out, subscribe here.

Other events are run by our amazing supporters - our Freedom Fighters - in their own community and are a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of human trafficking and slavery around the world. We love equipping people with the resources they need to get creative and do great things for the sake of those we serve. Events have ranged from shaving heads to raise funds, to a big fancy dinner party, to even literally running a marathon on behalf of The Freedom Project! The options are endless! To find out more, click below to find out more about becoming a 'Freedom Fighter'. 



The Freedom Project is engaging the Australian public through education on human trafficking and slavery. Education is essential to grow our movement against injustice globally. We want to help people to see the broken global system of the demand for cheap products and services and we also want people to see that they may be unwittingly part of that system. Ultimately, we want to encourage people to consider how they can be involved in making a difference in their own personal lives, as well as influencing others in their community to do the same.

Some of the ways we do this is through discussions around forced labour, fair trade and ethically sourced product, and organisations like The Freedom Project that are directly involved in mitigating and reducing the prevalence of trafficking and slavery. If you would like to incorporate this into your workplace, school or community group, or to request a speaker or other resources, please get in touch by emailing or click 'Get Involved' below. 


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We believe that our voices are powerful and that we ought to use them on behalf of the voiceless. Samuel L. Jackson said, "If you have an opportunity to use your voice, you should use it." Human trafficking and slavery is just a global problem, that each of us is tied up in its complexities. We may be part of the problem, but that also means we can be a part of the solution. 

The Freedom Project will encourage its supporters from time to time on important advocacy issues where individuals can take action and it will contribute to making a difference on a large scale. We also encourage our supporters to learn to be conscious consumers, which means that they will naturally be advocating for the things they believe in. 

Join us in our latest advocacy action (Australia only, sorry). 

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