There is power behind collective contribution! Despite the depressing statistics of child human trafficking, together we can & will make a difference... and not a small one. Every small contribution is like a drop in the lake of still water. The ripple effect is huge. So let us know today...


Freedom Friend

  • Sign up to stay informed on the issue & what TFP (The Freedom Project) are doing.


  • Talk about the issue with friends & family.
  • Maybe run a 'Coffee Money Monday' campaign at work or school.
  • Organise TFP to come out to talk at your work, school or place of interest.

FREEDOM Fun manager

  • Organise & host an event during Our Big Weekend of Freedom. It happens in March each year. No event is too small or too big! We've had people raise money by shaving their head up to hosting a carnival!

FREEDOM flyers

  • Express your interest to visit the field. Your life will never be the same.

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